Bloody Creek Wood Products

 Canoe Paddles

Take a look at the canoe paddle options. I am offering single-piece cherry and laminated paddles. The cherry paddles are formed from one 2"x6"x72", then carved to give a fine transition between the handle and blade.

The laminated paddles can be made from any selection of hardwoods; however, Black Walnut, Ash and Cherry give one of the more pleasing designs.

The most popular shapes are Beaver Tail and Otter Tail.

Grips vary according to the individual desire but most people are choosing the traditional grip.

 (See the options below)

For a Premium, All Paddles can be laser-engraved with a special message.

For Example: "Congratulations On Receiving your Bachelor's Degree"

Laminated Paddle photos
Beaver Tail
Single Piece Paddles

 Single Piece Beaver tail and Otter Tail

 These photos give an idea of how the Single Piece Paddles looks

 Paddle Prices

Basic Price - $195

Engraving - $15 (3 Letters)

Special Design - $220

Premium for Engraving - 

This is dependent on the number of words and/or image

  Minimum $25

Shipping and Handling Extra