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Why End-Grain Cutting Boards are Superior to Regular, Cross-grain Cutting Boards

End-Grain Cutting Boards are the best cutting boards to be found and will meet the needs of the most discerning customer. More durable than regular cutting boards, these end-grain boards look beautiful on your countertop. An end-grain is a much harder surface and has a greater tolerance for the chopping motion. These boards give a truly resistant cutting surface while being kind to the blade’s sharp edge.

The old fashioned cutting boards were always end-grain design (the chopping block) for a reason, it keeps the knives much sharper. Instead of crushing against the wood fibres the blade goes between them much like cutting into a firm brush. You will find that your blade edges last much longer, and you'll see no knife marks on the board.

When the individual boards of wood are arranged so that the grain of the wood runs vertically (up and down), this puts one end of each board up so that the cutting surface is actually the end of many individual pieces of hardwood. With the grain aligned in this manner (up and down), when the knife strikes the surface during cutting, the grain of the wood actually separates and then closes when the knife is removed. This accounts for the self-healing aspect of the end-grain surface. The wood itself is not cut, but instead you are cutting between the fibres.


 This shows the finishing process

Take a look at the transition from the "unfinished" board (No oil yet) to the Finished Board after the first application of mineral oil. Generally, each board gets treated once a day for a week, once a week for a month, then once every month for its life time. After the initial treatments, a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax is applied and let stand over night before a final "wipe down" is done. 

I provide the purchaser with a beginning bottle of oil and 320-grit sandpaper.

Woods in the above board: Maple, Walnut, Purple Heart, Siberian Larch, Cherry


  Cherry & Maple 10 1/4" X 15" X 1 1/4"  


Cherry, Black Walnut, Maple & Purple Heart
Cherry, Black Walnut, Maple & Purple Heart 2

Walnut, Cherry, Maple with Purple Heart Stripe 11 3/4" X 17 1/2" X1 1/8"


Latest Cutting Board Images

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For Example

Cherry & Maple                            1.5" thick       14 X 12       $115      
Maple & Black Walnut                   1.5" thick       14 X 12       $125
Maple & Purple Heart                    1.5" thick       14 X 12       $135

Cherry & Maple                            1.75" thick      14 X 12       $150   
Maple & Black Walnut                   1.75" thick      14 X 12       $170
Maple & Purple Heart                    1.75" thick      14 X 12       $180

Other sizes and thicknesses

will be priced accordingly

 Chess Boards

 Chess Boards are made "on demand", using the woods requested.
Please allow 3 weeks for the chess boards to be completed