Bloody Creek Wood Products

Our name, Bloody Creek Wood Products, comes from the heritage of my family and my upbringing. Bloody Creek is a small stream in rural Nova Scotia, just outside the town of Bridgetown in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. When I was 9 years old, I received my first rifle, a 22-cal Cooey. At 10, my brother & I received a 14-ft cedar canvas canoe for a Christmas gift. At age 11, I inherited my father's traps from his trap line. 

My teen years were spent rushing home from school to get the rifle, or the fishing rod, or the swamp boots to head out to hunt, fish or tend the trap line. At that time, Bloody Creek was "tidal". The Annapolis River was not dammed at Granville Ferry. Twice a day the tides of the Bay of Fundy pushed the water from the Annapolis River all the way to our doorstep on Bloody Creek. Hunting, fishing and trapping was driven not for the fun of it but rather by the need to help support a rather rustic family life. It was from this humble beginning I began my love for the outdoors and for the beauty of wood products. Today, I am pleased to call on that heritage to bring you several wood products made from fine hard woods and finished in a smooth, silky finish. 

I hope you enjoy your visit with us.