Bloody Creek Wood Products

 March 8, 2017

Hand-crafted wood products provide us with an opportunity to enjoy life outside the current preoccupation with plastic, metal and glass. When we place our hands on a piece of wood that presents both beauty and texture, we are "taken back" to days gone. The smooth silkiness of a well-finished, well-treated wood product provides not only a functional item but also a sensual connection with the natural world.

Bloody Creek Wood Products prides itself in producing limited, one-of-a-kind items. Currently, our product line includes End-Grain Cutting & Face-Grain Boards, Face-Grain Serving Boards, Canoe Paddles (both single board and laminated) and Hand-held Trout Nets.

 (Hover over the photo to see the item details. Most Recent additions

None of them have been sold - yet.


Just so you know, I have reached a decision regarding Bloody Creek Wood Products and the making of products "on speculation". Below are photos of the existing inventory. When these are gone, I will be making products/gifts "on demand", rather than on speculation.

All this to say that, if you are looking for a special gift that is not here, contact me and I will gladly make it for you. Or, better, still if you see something here that you would like to have as a potential gift "down the road", buy it now.

The past 5 years have been a real blast as I have explored various woods and their unique colours and grains. Following the shoulder dislocation in late December, I have experienced an unwillingness on the part of the muscles and joints to cope with the vibrations of 3 to 5 hours/day.

(Note - some of the inventory is not completely finished - I should be able to finish most of the unfinished items by July 1st.

Below are items that may have been sold by the time you read this. If there is something you would like, call me and we can discuss the options.

Older inventory Photos are below. Some of these items have been sold. They are shown so that visitors can get a sense as to what I can create for you.

Older Products that are still available

The Following items have been sold. However, I can replicate these to some degree, but not exactly because I must deal with the grain of the wood that presents itself.

Please note that MANY of the products shown below  have been sold.

Each one, with a few exceptions, is one-of-a-kind. Just make note of what you would like, and we will build it for you.

The board on the left is End Grain Walnut, Birch and Bubinga.

This board can be "built to suit"


The board on the right is End Grain "Quilt". 

Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Maple, & Nogal in the quilt; Cherry border with Walnut corners

To see the latest complete inventory, go to "Current & Recent Inventory"

 A sampling of products. Go to the individual pages for more details about the item that interests you

 Carving Board - Maple, Purple Heart, Walnut, Cherry Border  


Cherry Paddle


 Hand-held fish nets -  $100-$125

Walnut, Ash, Mahogany Net - $125 



Cheese & Cracker Board


Fish Net for smaller fish


Laminated Paddle


End-Grain Chess Board